Director: Marleen Gorris

Antonia (1995) | Antonias Welt

Dutch Cinema: Antonia (1995)

Director: Marleen Gorris
Cast: Willeke van Ammelrooy, Els Dotermans, Dora van der Groen, Veerle van Overloop, Jan Decleir


Winner of the 1995 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. At the end of WW2, the spirited, independent widow Antonia returns to her village with her daughter. She finds a husband unnecessary and persuades her daughter to the same view, encouraging her to produce a child in her turn (a daughter, as it turns out) by a passing liaison. A generally happy movie, though with one violent incident, celebrating independent womanhood.
Genre: Drama

12yr and olderViolence   Rude Language     6yr and olderFear   All AgesSexDiscriminationDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction

Blu-ray: GER - "Antonias Welt"
Released 31-MAY-2013 by Alamode Film
Duration: 96 min.
Rating: FSK-12
Audio: Dutch: Dolby Digital 2.0, German: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: German
Regioncode: B
Extras: Trailer
Discs: 1, BD25