Genre: Erotic

Caged (2011)

Dutch Cinema: Caged (2011)

Director: Stephan Brenninkmeijer
Cast: Chantal Demming, Babette Holtmann, Joep Sertons, Victor Reinier, Georges Devdariani, Brechje Lyklema


Stella lives a secret double-life, a hedonistic lifestyle, visiting sex clubs and erotic parties, and flourishing with all the new attention. Then one day she finds herself lying unconscious in a basement cell, with no idea how she arrived there. Days go by when an other woman is brought into her cell. Christine, a woman about the same age. In the following days they reveal their life stories to one other. Christine is convinced that the reason for their captivity lies in Stella's lifestyle.
Genre: Erotic, Thriller

16yr and olderViolenceSex   Rude Language     12yr and olderFear     All AgesDiscriminationDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction

Blu-ray: NL
Released 25-OCT-2011 by Video/Film Express B.V.
Duration: 108 min.
Rating: 16
Audio: Dutch: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Subtitles: none
Regioncode: ABC
Extras: SD: Making of... (60 min.) | Audiocommentary by director Stephan Brenninkmeijer & Chantal Demming
Discs: 1, BD25

Code Blue (2011)

Dutch Cinema: Code Blue (2011)

Director: Ursula Antoniak
Cast: Bien de Moor, Lars Eidinger, Annemarie Prins, Sophie van Winden, Christine Bijvanck, Hans Kesting, Sam de Man, Renée Fokker, Sabine Soetanto, Anna Deborah van der Rhee, Mitchell van Dijk, Coen van Hulst


Marian, a middle aged nurse, devotes herself to her patients like a saint. Sometimes she even takes on the role of a redeemer, by helping the gravely ill to the soothing order of ultimate silence. When she gets linked to a neighbor in an act of common voyeurism, she becomes fascinated by him. Faced with the fragility of these newfound emotions, Marian surrenders to her human needs...
Genre: Drama, Erotic

16yr and olderViolenceSex     12yr and olderFear   All AgesDiscriminationDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction

Blu-ray: GER
Released 05-APR-2012 by Bavaria Media GmbH
Duration: 78/ 8 min.
Rating: FSK-18
Audio: Dutch: Dolby Digital 5.1, English: DTS-HD Master 5.1, German: DTS-HD Master 5.1
Subtitles: English, German
Regioncode: B (A, C untested)
Extras: Bijlmer Odysee (shortfilm), Interview Urszula Antoniak, Interview Bien de Moor, Alternative end, German trailer, Booklet with essay of the move
Comment: 2-Disc digi-book BD+DVD
Discs: 2, BD-50

Hemel (2012)

Dutch Cinema: Hemel (2012)

Director: Sacha Polak
Cast: Hannah Hoekstra, Hans Dagelet, Rifka Lodeizen, Eva Duijvestein, Mark Rietman, Barbara Sarafian, Ward Weemhoff, Ali Ben Horsting, Abdullah el Baoudi, Elske Rotteveel, Maarten Heijmans


A promiscuous young woman struggles with her emotions when the one man she cares deeply about, her equally restless father, finally finds true love.
Genre: Drama, Erotic

16yr and olderViolenceSex   Rude Language     12yr and olderFearDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction   All AgesDiscrimination

Blu-ray: USA
Released 17-DEC-2015 by Art Sploitation Films
Duration: 80 min.
Rating: Unrated
Audio: Dutch: Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles: English
Regioncode: A
Extras: Interview with director, star Hannah Hoekstra and screenwriter | Trailer
Discs: 1, BD-25

LelleBelle (2010) | Sweet Desire, Süßes Verlangen

Dutch Cinema: LelleBelle (2010)

Director: Mischa Kamp
Cast: Anna Raadsveld, Benja Bruijning, Charlie Chan Dagelet, Tom Van Landuyt, Renée Fokker, Isis Cabolet, Joost Bolt, Chloé Leenheer, Dani Stauder


19-year old Belle practices playing the violin diligently, but is unable to impart her music with a sensitive undertone. Her life changes when she discovers that sexual desire stimulates passion in her music.
Genre: Erotic

16yr and olderSexDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction   Rude Language     All AgesViolenceFearDiscrimination

Blu-ray: GER - "Sweet Desire, Süßes Verlangen"
Released 14-FEB-2014 by Capelight Pictures
Duration: 94 min.
Rating: FSK-16
Audio: German: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Subtitles: German
Regioncode: B (A, C untested)
Comment: German dubbed !
Discs: 1, BD-25

Rendez-Vous (2014)

Dutch Cinema: Rendez-Vous (2014)

Director: Antoinette Beumer
Cast: Loes Haverkort, Mark van Eeuwen, Pierre Boulanger, Peter Paul Muller, Jennifer Hoffman, Eva Duijvestein, Tamar Baruch


Simone inherits a dilapidated farmhouse in France and makes her way there with her husband Eric and their two children. Her dream is to turn the house into a bed and breakfast but as the hectic pace of the rebuilding gets underway, she gets caught up in the romance and chaos of it all. Losing sight of her goals, she must find her way back to the dreams and ambitions which brought her there in the first place.
Genre: Erotic, Thriller

12yr and olderFearSex   Rude Language     All AgesViolenceDiscriminationDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction

Blu-ray: NL
Released 05-OCT-2015 by MSL Media Sales & Licensing
Duration: 100 min.
Rating: NL-12
Audio: Dutch: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dutch: Dolby Digital 2.0, French: Dolby Digital 5.1, French: Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles: Dutch
Regioncode: B (A, C untested)
Discs: 1, BD-25

Spetters (1980)

Dutch Cinema: Spetters (1980)

Director: Paul Verhoeven
Cast: Renée Soutendijk, Hans van Tongeren, Toon Agterberg, Maarten Spanjer, Peter Tuinman, Marianne Boyer, Rutger Hauer, Jeroen Krabbé, Rudi Falkenhagen, Hugo Metsers


Three members of a Dutch motor-bikers club are ardent fans of world champion Gerrit Witkamp. They all have the hots for Fientje, a gold-digger who runs a snack bar from a mobile home with her brother, Jaap. First she seduces Rien, who has the potential to become the next world champion, after negotiating a 10% fee on a sponsor contract, which she acquires through a sports journalist, but she dumps him shortly after a road accident lands him in a wheelchair for life. Jaap, who claims to be the up and coming man, but ridiculed by Gerrit and the reporter, is told to come back once he has a future to offer her. Mechanic Eef, whose dad, a hardcore-Protestant farmer, still beats him mercilessly, tempts her to emigrate with him to Canada, with money he robs in the gay red lantern district, but is then raped himself by Jaap's mates...
Genre: Drama, Erotic

16yr and olderSex   Rude Language   12yr and olderViolence   6yr and olderFear     All AgesDiscriminationDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction

Blu-ray: NL
Released 05-MAY-2012 by Lumière
Duration: 122 min.
Rating: 16
Audio: Dutch: DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0
Subtitles: none
Regioncode: B (A, C untested)
Extras: none
Discs: 1, BD25