Hallo Bungalow (2015)

Dutch Cinema: Hallo Bungalow (2015)

Director: Anne de Clercq
Cast: Lies Visschedijk, Eva van der Gught, Anne-Marie Jung, Jenny Arean, Jennifer Hoffman, Martijn Fischer, Stefan de Walle, Roeland Fernhout


In park "De Lusthove" there are three women who are leading a boring life. They decide to blackmail their boss so that they will get money to start a new life. Their boss however hires two killers. The women will have to fight to survive.
Script writer: Anne de Clercq, Elle van Rijn
Genre: Action, Comedy

12yr and olderViolence   Rude Language     All AgesFearSexDiscriminationDrugs and/or Alcohol Addiction

Dutch Cinema: Hallo Bungalow (NL)
Blu-ray: NL
Released 23-MRT-2016 by Just Entertainment
Duration: 94 min.
Rating: NL-12
Audio: Dutch: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Subtitles: none
Regioncode: B (A, C untested)
Extras: none
Discs: 1, BD-25